Three 31

our fifth year of wedded bliss


Five years ago today, I married my best friend. He’s not the half that makes me whole and we don’t complete each other.

Husband and I compliment one another.

We are two independent, completely separate adults who used an unconventional method to find each other. Now, we’re living happily ever after.


Husband’s really good at making me giggle and he drives me absolutely bonkers.

I’m ticklish. He pokes. I jump.

We laugh.

Repeat a million, trillion, gazillion times per day and welcome to my world. It’s fantastic stuff.

I’m not much for advice, but here are a few things that are true for us and our marriage:

Never date someone you wouldn’t marry.

Set the bar really high. Really, really, really, really high. When you think it’s high enough, raise it higher. And never, EVER, settle for anything less.

Thanks to my great-grandmother (who told me not to date losers – her words, not mine), my expectations for a spouse were above-and-beyond worthy. Looking back, I’m grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

I think I did pretty well in the Husband department. We’ve been together nine years now, and married five.

He’s a keeper.


In our early days, Husband and I became expert communicators. After all, with 800 miles and five states between us, our relationship required it.

Nowadays, we read each others body language and verbal and non-verbal cues. Husband reads me like a book, as I am a terrible liar and even worse actress. He says I talk with my eyes too.

Be his/her biggest fan. Work together as a team.

I’m grinning as I type this because there have been moments throughout our relationship when I stop and realize, again and again: we make a really great team!!!!!!!!

Throughout the past nine years, I’ve helped Husband with an array of tasks:

  • assembled a metal carport (loafing shed for the horses)
  • welded sucker-rod onto metal pipe fence corners
  • pulled up T-posts (I drove the tractor and he wrapped chains around the posts)
  • wormed and vaccinated the horses
  • installed a battery cable on the Hooptie (great post by the way!)
  • replaced the wood planks on the floor of a flatbed trailer
  • painted the interior of our home
  • re-wired the lights on the horse trailer
  • landscaped around the garage and front porch
  • replaced a brake line on a vehicle
  • repaired busted water pipes in the pasture

Whether he’s bidding on a ranch implement at auction, roping, or installing the latest anti-virus software on my laptop, I am Husband’s biggest fan. I don’t care what he’s doing, I want to be near him. Likewise, he’s my solid rock support and provides an attentive ear to problems, concerns, and new ideas.

When it comes to this blog, though, he responds with an eye-roll.

Go figure.


Back to the attentive ear …. Husband will often say, “nod and smile.”  That is my cue to simply listen as he describes something I don’t understand, or have any desire to comprehend. He’s asking for an attentive ear, and I’m great at the nod-and-smile technique.

I make a pretty good roper’s wife, but I will ever understand the physics of a heel loop and the precise angle of the rope required to catch the back feet of a running steer while riding a horse full-speed down an arena. Nope. This falls into the same category as the perfectly folded fitted sheet.How do you do that?!

Nice catch, Roper.

Be your own person.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: though flawed and imperfect, Husband and I do not NEED the other person to make us complete.

I could live without Husband, but I don’t want to.

Besides, who would tickle my chin?

Or track dirt, hay, and other unmentionables into our home?

Or drink sweet tea with me?

Marriage is not a noun – it’s a VERB.

When all else fails, laugh and flirt and just be silly.

Before we were married, I didn’t consider our relationship to be a job and I certainly don’t think this way five years later.

Did I mention we laugh and act silly?

We’re total goobers.

I’ve shared my advice, now it’s YOUR TURN.

What makes your relationship enjoyable?

How long have you been with your significant other?

Happy anniversary, Husband.

I love you.

Thanks for my cutting board.





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Between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00pm, I will be in front of the TV watching the Bluegrass Battle at the Final Four in New Orleans as the University of Kentucky Wildcats play in-state rivals the University of Louisville Cardinals. I have family ties to both, but my roots are grounded and I bleed blue for Kentucky.


Author: Nicole

Born in Kentucky. Lives in Texas. Daughter of the Living God. Husband's wife. Kamden's mom. Church staffperson.

13 thoughts on “our fifth year of wedded bliss

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  10. We already had a UK conversation this AM. Brandon is sporting his hat today! Great blog, made me a little teary-eyed.

    We’ve been together for almost 18, married almost 17. I think being good friends is crucial – always; think of the other in all that you do and if you have children, make sure they don’t come before Mom and Dad. If children are raised in a home with a secure, love-filled marriage, they will be very secure children naturally.

    • GO BRANDON IN YOUR UK HAT!!!!!!! That’s awesome-sauce. 🙂
      Celeste, I completely agree and know how WELL your beautiful girls have been (are) raised – love me some K and B.

      Miss y’all.


  11. Excellent words of wisdom regarding Marriage. Happy Anniversary, Nicole and Kevin…wishing you MANY more wonderful years together!

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