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2014 Resolutions



This is the third year I’ve made a list of resolutions goals. (You can see my previous lists for 2012 and 2013.) This year, some of my goals are big and dreamy while others are more realistic and some are even in the works of being accomplished right now. I think 2014 is going to be one of the best yet, especially with our blessing and little stinker, Kamden, who was born December 19, 2013. He’s keeping me busy with feedings, diaper changes, and constant snuggles!

Let’s get started. In 2014, I will:

co-host a weekly link-up called “Finish This” (details coming soon!)
attend the Texas Women Bloggers’ fashion show and silent auction
write a guest post for someone
write a monthly update for Kamden
be featured on The Wise Baby
develop relations with more bloggers
reach 500 followers on Twitter


have professional newborn photos taken of Kamden photos taken Dec 30, 2013 by Jennifer Wynne Photography in Keller
learn Lightroom
acquire this lens
take lessons with a professional
have professional family portraits taken for our 2014 Christmas card

bake homemade bread in my Le Creuset loaf pan
eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant
prepare Kamden’s baby food
create a monthly meal plan
host a dinner party
prepare a dish with curry
try a new food
eat Neopolitan pizza at Cavalli Pizzeria in Irving

Thompson family reunion in Louisville, KY
Perot Science Museum in Dallas, TX

meet with a lawyer and create our wills
open a savings account for Kamden
have my gallbladder removed and tubes tied
have my DSLR professionally cleaned
renew my gym membership
hire a personal trainer
wear a size 12
get fitted for a bra
plan a weekend getaway with Husband
plan an overnight girls trip
go hog hunting
compete in a shooting tournament
go to the eye doctor and get new contacts
watch Jerusalem, the IMAX film
sell my car
buy a used SUV
attend a wedding
attend a non-Christian religious event or ceremony
go to a concert
go to a musical or play
go to a college sporting event
go to a professional sporting event
take pictures for someone
donate to a worthy cause
clean out my closet
write a letter

MacBook Pro
square-toe cowboy boots
Warby Parker glasses

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
All Is Grace
The Signature of All Things
Happier At Home

mail Kamden’s birth announcements

Whew! That’s a long list. Along with a newborn, I have a very busy schedule. Do you make goals at the beginning of the year? Share your thoughts in a comment!

Author: Nicole

Born in Kentucky. Lives in Texas. Daughter of the Living God. Husband's wife. Kamden's mom. Church staffperson.

11 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions

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  2. Hi Nicole, I found your blog through my cousin Lisa. Congratulations on the birth of your son! His first year will be joy (and a challenge!). I love your resolution list, nice and specific. I look forward to reading your blog as you check off one item after another!

    • Thanks so much, Grace! Cheers to 2014, it’s going to be a GREAT one. P.S. I’m pea-green with envy that you’re related to Lisa. I’ve unofficially named myself as adopted relative just so I can “pretend” she and I are related. LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  3. Also, I created this page, which is sort of a link up of all the bloggers I know of who posted resolutions this year. If you know of any others, send them my way, so I can add them to the list!!

  4. These are fab, as usual. I particularly like your resolution to attend a non-Christian religious event or ceremony. As someone who isn’t super religious, I have a great deal of respect for all kinds of religions and those who observe them. I love hearing all of their stories and traditions, but I often find that those who believe very strongly in one thing are all to often closed off to the idea that there are other beliefs out there. That often leaves me either offending someone or having a one-sided conversation if I try to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between religions. I hope you accomplish that one. And all of the others, too, of course! =)

    • Thanks, friend! Attending a different religious ceremony or event was actually on my 2013 list, but I didn’t accomplish it. Thus, it’s on the list for 2014! Plus, I really enjoy (and appreciate) different religions, observances, rituals, etc. I especially love going to weddings based in tradition and history. When our friends, Neama and Stephanie, got married, they had a Christian ceremony and a traditional Persian ceremony too. IT WAS SO COOL. They provided a brief background (information) sheet at everyone’s seat that explained what would happen and why and I loved it. It definitely goes down as one of my favorite weddings of all time. =)

      Here’s to 2014 … CHEERS.

  5. You have inspired me so much since I attempted to step into this big old blogging world. Thank you for making it smaller by sharing your blog and your life and your wonderfulness with the likes of me.

    Here are my resolutions, I hope it does not bother you that I copied you.

    • Oh Regina, you are way too kind!!!!!! Thanks for your sweet words, my blog is inspired by many others and I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t pay it forward, however small it may be. HAPPY NEW YEAR …… I can’t wait to read your resolutions post. =)

      Hugs, Nicole

  6. I’m so proud of all you’re doing and done, mostly of that little angel boy! You’ve got a lot set up for the upcoming year. What fun it will be!

  7. Kamden is awesome… a beautiful baby boy!…then… I’m a little partial… I had two boys… they are wonderful… lots of noise… lots of friends… lots of messes… lots of “right in your face”… NO surprises!

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