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Best. Gift. Ever. { Kamden’s ONE MONTH update }



How can our baby boy be a month old? No doubt the last four weeks have been the most challenging, overwhelming, stressful time of my life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The sleepless nights, jaundice, on-demand feedings, a gazillion diaper changes, crooked smiles, piles of laundry, bath splashes, front porch walks, projectile vomit (twice), and newborn cuddles remind me of my calling: to nurture this little guy with a kind of love I did not know until I became a mother. I have gone without sleep, been pushed passed the point of exhaustion, cried soul-crushing tears, felt like a failure, celebrated milestones, witnessed my husband become a doting father, and watched our parents become grandparents (the first grandchild for mine and the fourth for my in-laws). While pregnant, parenthood was surreal and a mystery. Now, my best moments are seeing my reflection in Kamden’s eyes, hearing him sigh in contentment as he sleeps or grunt while eating the milk amazingly produced by my body, and thanking God for entrusting me to be his mom. Despite my shortcomings … feeding him too little, feeding him too much, letting him sleep without changing his diaper, dressing him in too many layers, dressing him in too few layers, rocking too slow, rocking too fast … my heart is full knowing he loves me, knows my voice, relies on me for sustenance, and relaxes when I hold him.


At birth, Kamden weighed 7 lb. 10 oz. and was down seven ounces by the time we were discharged from the hospital. Four days after being born, we were in the pediatrician’s office for his first check-up and learned his jaundice levels were elevated. We were immediately sent to the hospital for blood work and told to return the next morning for another round. We spent Christmas Eve morning at the hospital and doctor’s office waiting for good news … which we got, thank God. We were sent home to enjoy Christmas and instructed to feed on demand, record wet and dirty diapers, and place him in a sunny window for 15 minutes three times a day. Three weeks, and lots of breast milk mustaches later, Kamden weighed 8lb. 12 oz. His doctor said, “This is a baby who’s clearly thriving and doing extremely well!” We don’t have a way to measure him at home, but we guess he’s well over the nine pound mark by now. This kid is a hoss. :>)


This kid likes loves to eat. A LOT. Right now, he’s eating 4-6 oz. at every feeding. I’d be lying if I said I was not concerned about my current breast milk supply. I nursed ‘on demand’ for three weeks and now I’m exclusively pumping to feed by bottle. Nearly every ounce I pump, he eats and I store the excess for later. I’m trying not to stress about my supply, but you know me. I’m drinking lots of water and eating lots of lactation-friendly foods, including oatmeal and specialty bars made just for breastfeeding mamas! Regardless of my so-called issue, I am very, very thankful that breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact was prioritized at the hospital where I gave birth because Kamden latched on within minutes. He was placed on my chest and immediately starting rooting. He didn’t eat much in that moment, but it was the beginning of something beautiful, natural, amazing and wonderful. As difficult, frustrating, and tiresome breastfeeding as been these first weeks, it’s totally worth it knowing I’m responsible for his fat rolls and chubby cheeks. Kamden has an incredible latch, but he falls asleep and doesn’t always fill his belly (or empty my breast). We’ve learned some hard lessons. One night, I fed him, he fell asleep, I put him in his crib, and he was screaming minutes later. I felt like a mom-failure, blaming myself for what I perceived as an upset stomach, colic, and/or food allergy. When you’re tired and baby has been crying for what seems like an eternity, every possible thing that could be wrong is wrong and completely your fault. In a moment of desperation, Husband suggested I try feeding him again. MAGIC! He latched on, began eating beautifully, and slept 2.5 hours. Fast forward a couple of days and I overfed him, resulting in projectile vomit all over me, Daddy, the glider rocker chair, ottoman, dresser/changing table, wall, and carpet. Now that I’m pumping and feeding by bottle, we can measure his intake. It’s not been easy, but life is getting better for everyone.

Kamden was introduced to the pacifier at the hospital but uses it rarely. We introduced a Dr. Brown’s bottle with slow-flow nipple when he was two weeks, but the flow was too fast and it created a big mess on an unhappy, hungry baby. I’ve since tried three other bottles with slow-flow nipples: Mimijumi (too slow), Tommee Tippee (nipple collapses but it gets the job done), and Avent (works really well). Now, at four weeks, we’re back to using Dr. Brown’s bottles with a slow-flow (Level One) nipple and it’s working beautifully.


When Kamden was born, he was much smaller than what we anticipated. Husband and I weighed over eight pounds at birth and we assumed Kamden would be a large baby too. His closet is full of clothes, in a range of sizes, but few size newborn. He wore NB diapers for three weeks and we transitioned him to size 1 with his big belly and chubby legs. He now wears size 3-6 months clothes. His fingernails grow extremely fast and I’ve kept them trimmed (filed) with a tiny emery board. He scratched his face so hand mitts are a requirement. During a late night feeding, though, I couldn’t find mitts but a pair of socks were within reach. So, he’s been wearing socks as hand mitts as they fit better and stay on his Houdini hands!


Like most newborns, Kamden’s life revolves around eating, sleeping, and pooping. This kid is regular, if you know what I mean. Like clock work, he’ll eat, grunt, fart, stretch, smile, and poop! He’s happy when his belly is full and fussy when it’s not. I’m working on a bedtime routine where I read a book or two but his focus is on food not pretty pictures or nursery rhymes. We’ve done tummy time but, again, he’s not interested in things that don’t involve milk. On warm, sunny days, we’ve put him in his car seat and used the stroller to push him around the front porch. He falls asleep in an instant when in his car seat and rides beautifully in the car.

Mommy’s milk; riding in the car; warm baths; and being held. This little guy loves falling asleep on people. Once asleep, we can move him to his Pack N Play. We’ve put him in the swinger/rocker chair but he’s not too impressed. Last week, while sitting on the couch, I propped him against the Boppy pillow and he fell asleep. This was a revelation as it allowed Mommy to use her hands to eat, pump, and get things done while Kamden slept!

Being hungry; lying down in his swing chair or Pack N Play while still awake; hiccups; bright sunlight in his eyes; and Mom sucking boogers out with the Nose-Frida. Seriously, hiccups have to be the WORST thing. It never fails he gets them as soon as we lay him down to sleep or right after feeding. They’ve caused him to spit up several times. The Nose Frida is the coolest, grossest contraption every invented but it works like a charm. Who knew sucking my son’s boogers out of his nose would be so much fun!?

Blue Eyes, Handsome, Chunky Monkey


nicolekamdensantasuitKamden’s first Christmas … dressed as Santa Baby, of course.

The first month of Kamden’s life, and our lives as a family of three, has gone by so quickly. I’m incredibly thankful for my doctor being available for his birth and the AMAZING nurses at the hospital. Kamden was born on a Thursday at 3:20pm, I was walking the halls by 10:00pm, he was circumcised Friday evening, and we went home Saturday afternoon. Having my parents here was a God-send. My mom stayed longer, which I’m grateful, until Kamden was two weeks old. Husband has not left my side and has been a huge help, not to mention my rock for emotional support. Husband’s parents and oldest brother have visited us several times and cover Kamden in kisses every time they see him. His brief episode with jaundice was stressful but we all powered through it. He never cried when getting his heals pricked to draw blood either! He failed the hearing test after birth but passed with flying colors three weeks later. He had his first bath Christmas Eve and a newborn photo session when he was 10 days old. We’ve gone out to eat (Chick-Fil-A, Qdoba, Whataburger), run errands (Target) and to the grocery. Before the end of the month, Kamden will get his first round of immunizations at the pediatrician’s office.


I knew I wanted to share a monthly update for Kamden’s first year but I had no idea where to start. I’m using the same format as Jen, fromΒ  The Arizona Russums. Thanks for sharing Miss Zianne’s updates and leading the way, awesome Mama!

Author: Nicole

Born in Kentucky. Lives in Texas. Daughter of the Living God. Husband's wife. Kamden's mom. Church staffperson.

33 thoughts on “Best. Gift. Ever. { Kamden’s ONE MONTH update }

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  12. How did I miss this post?!? He is so flippin’ cute! I am definitely making it out there this year, so I can meet him!

  13. hi Nicole,
    I love your blog.
    i am a new mom of twin girls, i have been trying to find out hot to add text to pictures to do something like why you did on the 1 month picture of your son.
    would you mind sharing your technique with me?


    Anahi Childs

  14. Just beautiful!… enjoy your new life!…you seem to be doing a wonderful job as a new Mom!

  15. Such a sweet little guy…. you made it through the most difficult month of your life!! And hang in there with BFing… Ford is 5.5 months old and it is a breeze… I remember being so frustrated and wanting to give up. You’re doing a great job!!

    And tummy time for newborns is SO SAD! Ha!

  16. Enjoy every moment. He is precious!!

  17. Wow, Nicole your son is BEAUTIFUL! What a beautiful baby boy and I’m in love with the name Kamden. thank you for sharing your new baby experiences with us, I do enjoy reading them. My sister and her daughter (my niece Lily) live with us right now. She’s 10 months old and this post brought back a lot of memories of when she was first born. Lily is breastfed too (she literally will NOT drink formula) and my sister finds that eating things with garlic will help her produce more milk when she needs too.

    Aww, I wish I was there to help you out. I could cook meals for you and your husband, and I’ve become pretty skilled with feeding, changing, and rocking babies to sleep. Taking care of Lily has become a real ‘group effort’ in my house lol
    Blessings to you and your family!


  18. Thanks, Nicole, for this amazing journey of yours, Kevin’s and little Kamden’s life!! Like others, it is difficult to believe that he is already a month old!! I feel that he is going to be a toddler before I finally get to see him, but I am going to be very steady on both legs when I do!! Surgery went well and rehab therapy is ahead of schedule!! Tell Kamden that this Grammy is anxious to see him!! Love to all of you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈ

  19. awwww how sweet ,iam sooo proud of u !!!sounds like he eats like his cuz Brian Edward!!!!!! I cant wait to meet him ,which I know will be awhile ….if we could be there today we would!! I knew u would be w wonderful mom… I told u ..there is no love like the love u feel for ur child!!!!! give him lots of kisses for us and tell him uncle eddie aunt Belinda and cuz brian Edward and noah lee love him and his mom and dad so much!!!! take care of each other ,talk to u soon !!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

  20. Seriously! He’s gorgeous! I know boys are supposed to be handsome and manly, but gorgeous fits πŸ™‚ Plus he’s little so he can’t hold it against me! I hope I get to meet him and get some baby snuggles sometime soon! You’re doing an awesome job and I LOVE this update πŸ™‚

  21. I loved reading your update!!! I hope to see you both soon!!! I want to meet your lil man!!

  22. He’s a beautiful baby, Nicole. I know you’re proud! He’s a lucky little boy to have such wonderful parents. I love the way you are documenting his life and it will become “gold” to him one day. You’re the best and I love ya!!! Give the little fellow a kiss and hug from Chiefy Cato!!!!

  23. I cannot believe Mr. Man is already a month! I love him dearly. It is the most difficult but rewarding job ever. He makes you and Husband even more beautiful. I will change his poopies, gladly, ANYTIME. It’s seemingly easier when you’ve had sleep, though never easy. I need more Kamden time for smooches! – There..7 thoughts.

  24. Nicole,
    Love your recollection of life as a mom. Kamden is gorgeous, and you describe motherhood so perfect! Miss you and I’m proud of the amazing mommy you have become. May God continue to bless you and your family. Miss you!

  25. Let me clarify- the 6 month old stage is so much fun! The newborn stage is fun too but very challenging and tiring! Im finally getting “some” sleep! Lol

  26. Happy one month! Good for you for keeping up with nursing! The first month was the hardest all around for me! He is so cute! Keep up the good work and enjoy the snuggles πŸ™‚ my baby girl is 6 months old and if feels like yesterday she was a small newborn! Seeing your post makes me miss it but this stage is so much fun! Looking forward to seeing your little dude grow.

  27. That is the sweetest, most heartfelt thing I’ve ever read. Congratulations! ❀

    • Awww, thank you so much, Sarah, this means the world to me coming from someone as special as you. I hope you’re well, hugs to you and the family. I can’t believe my “Ott babies” are all grown up!!!!!!!!

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