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Nana C and Kamden at The Little Gym


We had the most pleasant surprise Monday: Nana C (my mom) arrived! That’s right, she drove 14 hours to see her most favorite grandson (her only), most favorite son-in-law (her only), and most favorite daughter (her only). Actually, she could not have shown up at a more perfect time. I was at my OB’s office getting diagnosed with mastitis when she got to our house. I had a clogged milk duct last week, felt better by Friday, but things got much worse Sunday afternoon. By mid-day Monday, I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. I had fever, body aches, zero energy, and my left boob really hurt. I called my doctor and the nurse told me to get to the office immediately. Fortunately, we caught the mastitis early enough that the antibiotics are already improving my situation, but this hiccup in my breast-pumping journey has kicked my butt. Needless to say, Nana C showed up when she was needed the most. I’ve been able to rest (and even take a few naps!) while Nana C and Kamden have worn each other out. They’ve played so hard, both have been caught taking naps before noon! Yesterday, she went to The Little Gym with us for our weekly class. This is the second week in a row that Kamden has had a special guest with him. 🙂

Nana at TLG XSMALL-8

nana collage 1

nana collage 2

The expression on Kamden’s face in the lower right photo cracks me up. He’s just sitting up on his own, watching the world go by, staring at bubbles and babies, no big deal. HA!

Nana C had as much fun as Kamden did. They danced and sang silly songs. They stretched and exercised, tumbled and explored, and played with balls and bubbles.

nana 4

Last week, Kamden used sticks in an upper-body exercise. This week, he and Nana C used a pair as drumsticks to follow the beat of music. When the tempo was slow, he wanted the sticks to move fast. When the tempo was fast, he wanted to the sticks to go slow. Silly kid!

Finally, like all good things, fun times at The Little Gym must end because it’s time to eat and take a nap. Kamden was tired before we even arrived, so I knew he’d be ready to go by the end. He wasn’t a fan, or a willing participant, during the goodbye song either. He fussed for a minute but was sound asleep before I drove out of the parking lot.

nana 3

Nana C is on her way back to Kentucky today, missing her already, but so thankful she showed up when she did! I don’t know what I would have done without her. She’ll be back next month to join us for Kamden’s first plane ride. Wooo Hooo!!!!!!

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Born in Kentucky. Lives in Texas. Daughter of the Living God. Husband's wife. Kamden's mom. Church staffperson.

8 thoughts on “Nana C and Kamden at The Little Gym

  1. Ha! He shut that song down!!! Sounds like K knows what he likes.

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  3. Isn’t he awesome!…and I certainly see the love in that Grandma’s face…great photos!

  4. I’m so sorry I missed her entire trip BUT she does have more important people to see. I hope to see you guys Sunday!

    • I should have called to see if you guys wanted to meet for lunch. Oh well, she’ll be back next month. As long as a particular Chunky Monkey is still living in Texas, Nana C will be burning up the interstate lanes and boarding airplanes. HAHAHA!!!!!!

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